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Ellipsetron is an arcade/fixed shooter inspired by the games like Tempest and Gyruss.

In its core, Ellipsetron is an arena shooter. You are controlling a ship and fighting against endless hordes of enemies. However there is one unique twist, you can't move freely.  Instead, your movement restricted by two elliptical orbits. When your ship is located on the first orbit it can shoot towards the center of the screen and when it is located on the second orbit it can shoot outwards the center of the screen, killing enemies behind its back. This movement restriction in pair with specific enemy behaviors creates a unique game dynamic.

To survive constantly move,  change orbits in response to threats, collect power-ups and bonus weapons. To restore health perform long "killstreak" chains. When surrounded by enemies use bombs to clear the field.

The game has four game modes

  •  Progression - fight against ten enemy waves, each one harder than previous
  • Rush - endless fast-paced game on the hardest difficulty
  • Overpopulation - destroy countless hordes of slow enemies
  • Evasion - try to evade threats without guns, explode one bomb in 20 seconds, use powerups to survive 

Other features:

  • 4 bonus weapons
  • 4 powerups
  • 11 enemy types
  • gamepad and keyboard  support
  • colorful neon graphics
  • optional "autofire" mode

Big thanks to Caspro for permission to use his music in this project.

Install instructions

Game distributed as single executable. Just download and run. 


ellipsetron_win64.exe 48 MB
ellipsetron_win32.exe 46 MB
ellipsetron_linux_x64 58 MB
ellipsetron_linux_x86 56 MB

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